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It’s not you, it’s me.

I’m single. I don’t exactly enjoy being single but I’m not a huge fan of our generation’s relationships either. I do, finally, understand that I’m single mostly because I don’t make enough of an effort, (subconsciously) on purpose. Love is in my Top 3 fears. I believe I’m…

Kisses like Hershey's but lips of steel: Living Single
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Freelance scribe of things on the Internet, Stephanie Georgopulos, wrote this Open Letter To The Men I’ve Casually Dated, which was originally published HERE on Thought Catalog. I Liked it sooo much, I just had to re-blog it. So, any men I’ve casually dated reading this? The…

@janine_j: [OPEN LETTER] To the men I've casually dated.
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No, sorry that my ass isn’t nice & plump. Sorry that I’m only a B cup, barely. Sorry thay my skin isn’t perfect. Sorry for being too skinny. Sorry for not having naturally long hair. Sorry for not being visually a perfect woman. I can’t do anything to change they way I look. I’m sorry.

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